Friday, November 4, 2011

Just a Taste

We just got back from Redding, California where the things God is doing there were shared and imparted in every way.  We were there to soak up as much of God as we could get!  We got even more than we expected.  Here's an email I sent home after the first night there.

"Jude's leg just grew out almost an inch.  He was totally freaking out.

We were at the Dairy Queen and the girl who made my ice cream cone, and prophesied over all of us [amazingly] and prayed for my shoulder, asked if any of us had a leg shorter than the other.  Jude did [who knew?].  She asked who wants to do a miracle. I did [you knew that].  So I held his feet in my hands and commanded the leg to grow in the name of Jesus. We all watched it grow like 3/4 inch (18mm) and Jude was freaking.

Then John wanted his cavities filled. I was like, Jude, you just received the miraculous, why don't you pray for God to fill John's cavities.  Jude was still kind of whacked and he prayed like I've never heard him pray before. He spoke with authority to the teeth, getting words from God and speaking them out. It was strong. Really strong.
We think Mark's flat feet were given arches too. We'll see in the morning. 

That was not your typical Dairy Queen."


Jesus is Lord, and has dominion over everything in heaven and earth. He has authority to heal and to save. And everyone needs that!

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