Monday, March 28, 2011

A Day on Jesus Street

We got out of the car and saw a kid we've known for two weeks, who we really believe in. He's been caught in what that neighborhood has to offer but now he's trying to do right and is looking for work. He's a good man with a good heart. We're praying for God to break through for him and give him work.  Before 15 minutes had gone by on that corner, we had prayed for three guys for work, for one guy's mother to receive deliverance from alcoholism, and I think we brought some of God's goodness and love. This was a day on Jesus Street and we hadn't even walked 50 ft from the car yet. There was still a whole neighborhood to go.


I have to tell you how we pray. We're not praying that God will be nice to them because He's so good and sweet, like some warm-hearted grandfather toward the adorable grandkids.  When we prayed for Elijah (I Love their names!) for a job, one of his buds said "Why are those guys swarming on you?" He was alright with it, and our response to the dude was "because we're about to break open heaven on Elijah's head and bring buckets of favor on him." And that's how we pray. For God to show His power and Love.  When you start out praying for a physical need, and end up hearing God's own heart for the person, I can't describe what happens. Its like right in the middle of a noisy street with buses and cars going by, a spirit of gentleness comes and hearts are softened. I think the guys get loved. Its awesome! 


We prayed for work for a bunch of guys today.  We're thinking of starting a landscape installation company and hiring these guys because its good hard work, and because we can. Any business we start will be a discipleship business where every day starts with words of grace and power and freedom from the Bible, and times of prayer. Then off to a day's hard work. That's how we see it.

Then we prayed for "G." He's a guy who was standing there tossing a football to himself. He said that when he saw us walking up the street he thought "Here comes some friends." We prayed for deliverence for his mind and joy for his heart. I think he's coming to church on Sunday!

Then we ran into Ed. Right away I saw a light in his eyes and when we asked to pray for him (just take 30 seconds!) he asked for every possible thing a man could need! I won't even list them! He had a hope, I believe, already sown in his heart, and I hope we see him again. I know we will.


Satan thinks he has control over that neighborhood.  And just because a couple of white guys walk around the streets one day a week for an hour or two doesn't mean a thing. He's thinking he still has this place for the other 166 hours of the week.  ...Especially at night.

Well, I don't think so.  This isn't two armies of equal force battling it out for who has ground here.  This is an outpost of the devil operating on stolen ground, with a stolen authority.  And that pack of cowardly stray dogs is about to meet the army of the Lord of Hosts... an army of overwhelming force, and THAT army is making a landing on these streets.

There's so much to say about what we believe.  But today, I wanted to share what we did, and save why we do it for another day.  Except to say that we're on a mission to reveal the true nature of God in a place that has been fed a diet of lies for too long now. 


Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome To Jesus Street

"We have these three loaves and some fish, Jesus. Can you do anything with this?"

Jesus Street is a blog about Jesus... on the street.  We're going down to the neighborhood with some crazy faith in the love of Jesus Christ and the Power of Heaven to come down and rescue people, to encourage them when they're trying to maintain, pray for their sick and diseased bodies to be healed, their hope to be raised, their pockets to be filled, and to wreak havoc on the advances Satan thought he had in that place. 

We hate Satan.

And when we take out our anger at His lying destruction in this world it looks like love and hope to those surrounded by misery. 

We're bringing joy and laughter to the block. I think maybe even God has a plan of attack along those lines. I saw Him do something today, but I'm not touching it. I'm just witnessing His mastery, and authority to have His way in that place. I'll tell you what it was after I've seen Him do it (hehe!).  

And I see something else coming already, or at least lying in the shadows snarling at us. Satan isn't happy about this at all.  

But we have the Holy Spirit, and faith in the power of the name of Jesus Christ.  We're here to make Heaven shout! 

And Heaven wants to shout, y'all!